The Idaho Society of the
Sons of the American Revolution


Revolutionary War Period Accessories

The Sutler of Mt. Misery (G. Gedney Godwin, Inc.) - "Whose establishment is against Bass on Welsh Road, at the Valley Forge, in Pennsylvania Province, Wishes to announce that he is importing a complete line of items useful to the military man; such as muskets, bayonets, leather goods, uniforms, cocked hats, diverse sorts of brazen sundries, &c., all done in the neatest manner. Those gentlemen who will favor him with their custom, may depend on their work being dispatched and their favors gratefully acknowledged, by their most humble servant. ~ G. Gedney Godwin"

The Sutler of Mt. Misery has everything from buttons and shoes to currency and wallets.

James Townsend & Sons, Inc. - "For over 35 years, we have helped historical reenacters, movie makers, theatrical companies, pirates, and regular people find items including clothing, tents, books, knives, tomahawks, oak barrels and lots of other goods appropriate for 1750 to 1840 - especially the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Whether you need a pirate shirt or a ladies gown, we can help."

From Buttons to Weaving and Spinning they have everything you need to create the perfect historical outfit.

Kings Forge and Muzzeloading - "All of our hand forged wares including our Throwing Tomahawks, Swords, Knives are made right here in our workshop in Cleveland GA, USA. We strive to make the most accurate replicas of pieces of our history."

Holsters, Sword Belts, Cartouches (cartridge boxes), Iron, Tin and Campwares.