The Idaho Society of the
Sons of the American Revolution


Revolutionary War Period Weapons

The History of American Wars website has an excellent article, complete with pictures, about the weapons of the American Revolution.

Collector's Armory, Ltd. "Since 1968 The Collector's Armoury, Ltd. has been providing collectors,history buffs, movie producers and re-enactors with historically significant, high quality replicas. We are proud to be the largest distributor of Denix Replicas in North America. We offer a selection of over 250 Denix products from a range of historical periods, including the Old West, Civil War, WWII and the Modern era. You can browse our product selection by historical era, search for a specific replica, or feel free to call or email us to request a current color catalog. We hope you enjoy your experience with us and look forward to serving you."

Most of the Collector's Armory, Ltd. weapons are non-firing replicas. They sell Replica Flintlocks and Pistols, Rifles, Equipment, Tomahawks, Swords, and Miniature Cannons.

Middlesex Village Trading Companie - "Over 40 fully functional replicas of historic matchlock, flintlock and caplock pistols & muskets."

These are beautiful reproduction Pistols, Muskets, and Accessories at a reasonable price.

Veteran Arms, LLC "Veteran Arms, LLC is a retail and wholesale supplier of affordable, quality firearms and accessories designed for today’s discriminating re-enactor and historical shooter."

A selection of very nice, fully functional Muskets, Pistols, Bayonets, and Accessories.

Kings Forge and Muzzeloading - "All of our hand forged wares including our Throwing Tomahawks, Swords, Knives are made right here in our workshop in Cleveland GA, USA. We strive to make the most accurate replicas of pieces of our history."

Beautiful Flintlock Rifles, Muskets, Pistols, and Tomahawks are just some of the items Kings Forge and Muzzleloading has to offer. They also have Rifle kits for sale for the do-it-yourselfelfers.

Traditions Performance Firearms - Manufacturers of Classic Blackpowder Rifles, Pistols, Cannons and Kits.

Cabelas - Classic Traditions and Pedersoli Blackpowder Rifles, Pistols and supplies.