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Sons of the American Revolution


Revolutionary War Period Uniforms and Clothing

If you are interested in obtaining a uniform like your patriot ancestor wore, joining a reenactment group or color guard, or would simply like to learn about the clothing of the period, the following links will help you in your search.

If you want to join a Color Guard or Reenactment Group, do not order a uniform until you are certain it meets the requirements of the group you wish to join.

UNIFORMS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - A Sons of the Revolution in California site that lists 70 Regiments, Militias, and Groups of both the American and British forces. These are linked to paintings by Lt. Charles M. Lefferts which show you the type and color of uniforms.

Revolutionary War Uniform Costumes

Heritage Costumes sells an authentic looking American Revolution Soldier Adult Revolutionary War Uniform for less than $200.00. The costume consists of a Continental Army Coat, Breeches, Colonial Vest, Lace Jabot and Lace cuffs. You can add nylon gloves, white socks, and a tricorn hat for a total cost of $212.98. Their sizes range from Small to 5XL. You can also purchase a pair of buckle shoes for $35.97. (All prices are as of 1 April, 2014)

James Townsend & Sons, Inc. - "Create the perfect historical outfit!"
"For over 35 years, we have helped historical reenacters, movie makers, theatrical companies, pirates, and regular people find items including clothing, tents, books, knives, tomahawks, oak barrels and lots of other goods appropriate for 1750 to 1840 - especially the American Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Whether you need a pirate shirt or a ladies gown, we can help."

A full uniform consisting of Costume Regimental Coat, Waistcoat, Shirt with Ruffles, Fall Front Knee Britches, Fancy Brass Knee Breeches Buckles, Cotton Stockings, Men's Shoes and Buckles, and Hand Trimmed Tricorn Hat can be purchased for about $600.00. You can replace the Costume Regimental Coat with a Revolutionary War Regimental Coat for an additional $205.00. Their clothing comes in even inch sizes. There is an extra charge for items over 50 inches.

Revolutionary War Uniforms

American Revolutionary Uniforms by Darlene Neuhaus (ORDER FORM) is the supplier of uniforms for the Georgia Society, SAR. She makes custom clothing from your measurements for $440 or $484 (price subject to change). If you would like to contact her, the mailing address and phone numbers are:

Darlene Neuhaus
5757 Monterey Drive
Ft. Worth TX, 76112
(817) 496-4161 or
cell (817) 875-3577

American Heritage Clothing - "Lori Beasley, a Fashion Institute of Technology graduate,
started American Heritage Clothing company in 1974 to outfit re-enactors with custom fitted, historically correct clothing. She has been designing and sewing for re-enactors, Hollywood clients and entire regiments for over 30 years now."

A full uniform from American Heritage Clothing vary in cost depending upon material and size. A typical complete uniform consisting of Regimental Coat ($420.00 and up), Shirt ($70 and up), Knee Breeches ($105 - $135), and Waistcoat ($75 - $80) will cost about $700.00

Just Two Tailors - is a maker of fine reenactment uniforms. A George Washington Regiment outfit consisting of a Regimental Coat, Buff Wool Waistcoat, Buff Wool Breechs, Cotton Military Shirt and Tricorn hat can be purchased for about $930.00.

The Sutler of Mt. Misery (G. Gedney Godwin, Inc.) - "Whose establishment is against Bass on Welsh Road, at the Valley Forge, in Pennsylvania Province, Wishes to announce that he is importing a complete line of items useful to the military man; such as muskets, bayonets, leather goods, uniforms, cocked hats, diverse sorts of brazen sundries, &c., all done in the neatest manner. Those gentlemen who will favor him with their custom, may depend on their work being dispatched and their favors gratefully acknowledged, by their most humble servant. ~ G. Gedney Godwin"

The Sutler of Mt. Misery has Regimental Coats from $288.95 to $438.00, Breeches from $92.50 to $170.25, Waistcoats from $82.50 to $122.00, and Shirts and Hunting Shirts from $32.50 to $148.50. They also stock a very extensive inventory of shoes, socks, buttons, weapons and gear.

Weeping Heart Trade Company - Clothing made to order for discerning Ladies and Gentlemen. They have an online catalog in pdf format.