The Idaho Society of the
Sons of the American Revolution


Patriot Ancestors of our Members, Past and Present
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Alphabetical Listing
Abrahams, Enoch - Born: After 1744 Died: 06 August 1823 - Court Martial Man of Captain William Black, Turkey Foot, 4th Company, Bedford County, Pennsylvania Militia under the command of Colonel William Parker, 1777.
Ackley, Isaac Chalker - Born: 16 March 1760 Died: After 17 August 1832 - Served Under Captains Ebenezer Dutton, Daniel Cone, Matthew Smith, & John Isham in Colonels Henry Champion & Dyar Throop's Connecticut Regiments. Also a substitute for his father Isaac Ackley in October, 1780.
Adams, James - Born: 1730 Died: 11 December 1798 Private in Capt John Woodgate's Co. of the Flying Camp under the command of Colonel Samuel Patterson.
Albright, Bernard - Born: About 1755 Died: Before 21 March 1818 - A Private in Captain John Wampler's, York County, Pennsylvania Militia. Paid Supply Tax, 1782.
Allen, Obadiah - Born: 1754 Died: 1800 - A Lieutenant in Captain Reuben Dyer's Co., Colonel John Allen's Regiment. Raised for expedition against St. Johns, Nova Scotia and continued in service at and for the defense of Machias, Maine.
Allen, Samuel - will have to research to find correct service.
Allison, Benjamin - Born: About 1760 Died: 10 August 1807 - A Private, Orange County Militia, Second Regiment, New York , and the Line - Additionally Corporal.
Ally, John - will have to research to find correct service.
Antes, John Henry - Born: 08 Oct 1736 Died: 13 May 1820 - Captain and Lt. Colonel, Builder & Defender of Fort Antes, 1778, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania Militia.
Austin, John - Born: 20 February 1758 Died: 20 April 1841 - A Private under Captains Coit, Deshon, Penney & Belcher under the command of Colonels Selden, Huntington, Prentice & Starr's Connecticut Regiments.
Ayers, Daniel - Born: 31 March 1763 Died: 12 February 1827 - A Teamster in "Captain Hallybirt's Team Brigade".
Ayers, Moses Jr. - A Private under Captain Joseph Gilbert, Massachusetts Militia.
Babcock, Solomon - Born: 27 December 1751 Died: 03 June 1831 - A Private in Capt Mellin's New Hampshire Company, 1777.
Bailey, Abijah - will have to research to find correct service.
Bailey, John - will have to research to find correct service.
Barlow, Aaron - Born: 11 February 1750 Died: 01 August 1800 - A Lieutenant under Colonels Waterburn & Beebe Connecticut Regiments. Also a Sergeant & Ensign under Captains Read, Gray, Nash & Bell.
Barnes, Shadrack - Born: About 1752 Died: About 1844 - A Soldier in the Salisbury Diestrict, Rowan County, North Carolina Militia. Also Took Oath of Allegiance in 1778.
Bates, Jonathan - will have to research to find correct service.
Baymiller, Michael - Born: 1752 Died: 1818 - A Private under Captain Jacob Bieber Also under Captain Michael Kauffelt, York County, Pennsylvania Militia.
Beauchamp, Newell
Beal, Seth Jr. - Born: 20 December 1736 Died: 08 May 1803 - A Private under Capt. Samuel Ward's company., Lieutenant Colonel Symms's detachment of guards & under Major General Heath at Dorchester and Boston.
Beeson, Henry - Born: 19 May 1743 Died: 23 February 1819 - Patriotic Service, Built & Maintained Block House Known as Beeson's Fort - Pennsylvania.
Belknap, Samuel - will have to research to find correct service.
Bennet, Rufus - Born: 1754 Died: 20 April 1842 - A Private under Captains Ransom, Spalding, Durkee & Eels in Colonels Grosvenor's & Butler's Connecticut Regiments.
Benton, David - Born: 02 December 1763 Died: 07 March 1845 - A Private under Captain Warner in Colonel Brown's Massachusets Regiment, A Sailor on the Brig, 'FAVORITE' & a Prisoner on the Prisoner Ship "JERSEY'.
Billinston, Ezekiel - will have to research to find correct service.
Bird, Marcus John - Born: 04 February 1739 Died: 1812 - A Colonel in the Pennsylvania Militia and provider of iron products to the Continental Army from Hopewell Furnace and provider of 1000 barrels of flour to George Washington at Valley Forge as per the Congressional Record.
Bissell, Elias - Born: 10 June 1759 Died: 1813 - A Corporal in the Connecticut Militia & a Private under Captain. Griswold's Company, Colonel Belden's Connecticut Regiment.
Bissell, Joseph William - Born: 12 January 1761 Died: 07 November 1831 - A Soldier under Captain Alexander Waugh in Colonel Epaphras' 17th Connecticut Regiment.
Black, Edward - Born: About 1743 Died: 01 May 1793 - A Private in Captain Griffith's Company, Colonel Thomas Bull's, 2nd Battalion, Chester County, Pennsylvania Militia.
Blakeslee, Samuel - Born: 23 November 1759 Died: 12 July 1834 - A Private under Captains John Thatcher & Stephen Hall in Colonel Heman Swift's Connecticut Regiment.
Blount, William - will have to research to find correct service.
Boardman, Joseph - Born: 20 October 1722 Died: 23 September 1796 - A Captain in the 8th Connecticut Regiment. Also a Lieutenant in the Lexington Alarm.
Bond, William Sr. - will have to research to find correct service.
Bonham, Jacob - will have to research to find correct service.
Bottles, Jonathan - will have to research to find correct service.
Borah, Jacob - Born: 1765 Died: bef October 1838 - A Private in Captain .Michael Weaver's Pennsylvania Company and later served under Lieutenant David Miller.
Bowen, Aaron - Born: 02 Sepember 1730 Died: 07 October 1816 - A Justice Of The Court Of Common Pleas & A Member of the General Sessions Of The Peace of Kent County, Rhode Island.
Bowker, Gideon - Born: 09 March 1760 Died: 03 June 1815 - A Private in Captain John Gates' and Captain Woods' Massachusetts Companies.
Boyd, William - Born: 15 March 1761 Died: 14 February 1847 - A Private in Captain John Walker's Company, Colonel Alfred Moore's North Carolina Regiment at the Battle of Moors Creek Bridge. A Private in Captain John McNutt Alexander's Company, Colonel Franklin Locke's North Carolina Regiment. Then a Private in Captain William Shepherd's Company, Colonel James Shepherd's North Carolina Regiment. He then served as a Private in Captain Joseph Cloud's Company, Colonel Cleveland's North Carolina Regiment at the Battle of King's Mountain.
Bradbury, Sanders - Born: 29 November 1737 Haverhill, MA Died: 15 November 1779 White Plains, Westchester, NY - A Sergeant in Captain Amos Emerson's Company, Colonel Joseph Cilley's , 1st New Hampshire Regiment. Wounded in the Battle of Long Island and died of his wounds.
Brewster, Jonah - Born: 1 September 1750 at Windham, Windham, CT Died: in 1833 at Cambridge, Franklin, VT - A Private in Captain Samuel Robinson's Company - was in battle 16 August, 1777 and a Private in Captain Joseph Company of Militia in Colonel Ebenezer Walbridge's Regiment in the Alarm of Castleton from 14 October to 31 October, 1781.
Bridgham, John Sr. - Born: 27 August 1729 at Boston, Suffolks, MA Died: after 16 January 1815 at Minot-Liv, Cumberland, ME - A Private in Captain Joseph Sargent's Company, Colonel Sparhawk's MA Regiment which marched 20 April 1775, in response to the alarm of 19 April 1775, to Cambridge; returned 5 May 1775.
Bright, Tobias Jr. - Born: 1755 in SC Died: 1829 in Allen County, KY - a Horseman from 10 December 1781 to 10 February 1782 and as a footman from 15 April to 29 April 1782 under Captain William Elder and Colonel Roebuck South Carolina Militia.
Briner, John - Born: About 1750 in Germany Died: After 25 June 1835 in Perry County, PA - A Private 4th Class in the 3rd Company, 4th Battalion and a Private First Class in the 6th Company, 6th Battalion, Northampton County PA Militia.
Brodhead, Garret - Born: 21 January 1733 in Marbletown, Ulster, NY Died: in 1804 Northampton County, PA - An Ensign in Col. George Brinigh's Battalion of Northampton County PA Militia; in service at Billingsport, November 5, 1777. Also signed an Oath of Allegiance.
Brookhart, Phillip - More research is required.
Brownell, Pardon - Born: 15 July 1745 at Dartmouth, Bristol, MA Died: 24 July 1799 at Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island - 1st Lieutenant, in Captain William Hicks's Company,, Colonel J. Ward's Regiment; On the list of offlcers of Massachusetts militia; commissioned Jan. 29, 1776; also, a 1st Lieutenant, in Captain William Hix's 7th Company, Colonel JohnHathaway's 2d Bristol County Regiment; also entered service 1 August 1780 - discharged 9 August 1780; service, 9 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island.
Brownlee, William - Born: 1749 at Strathaven, Lanarkshirem, Scotland Died: 5 February 1829 in Canton Township Washington, PA - Private 3rd Class in Captain William Leet's Company. 3rd Battalion. Washington County Militia, Ordered to Rendevouze 4 April 1782.
Bruce, Charles - Born: 15 July 1754 at Sudbury, MA Died: 11 Febuary 1785 at Brookfield, MA - Sergeant & Corporal, Capt. William Todd's Company,, Colonel Thomas Crafts's Regiment; Return for advance pay, etc., Sworn to in Suffolk County, Dec. 16, 1776. Also Public Service.
Bryan, Elijah - More Research is required.
Buck, Nicholas - Born: About 1730 Thionville, Lorraine, Europe Died: After 13 November 1786 at Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA - Associated Company of Springfield Township, Bucks County, PA & Took Oath of Allegiance in 1778.
Bundy, Peter - More research is required.
Bunker, Jonathan - More research is required.
Burditt, Ebenezer - Born: Died: - A Sergeant in Captain Nathaniel Heath's Company of Guards under Major General Gates Enlisted 4 February 1779; Discharged 3 May 1779; also, Quartermaster, Major Nathaniel Heath's Company. of Guards; enlisted 4 May 1779; Discharged 12 October, 1780 after 6 enlistments in the same Company at and about Boston
Burk, Joseph - More research is required.
Burt, John - More research is required.
Burton, Josiah - More research is required.
Cackler, Christian - Born: 27 June 1756 in Germany Died: 28 September, 1830 in Franklin Township, Portage County, Ohio - Private in Captain Rippley's Company, Colonel Irvine's Pennsylvania Regiment.
Cade, Drury B. - Born: 15 November 1743 in Virginia Died: Before 2 December 1796 in Wilkes County, Georgia - A Refugee to Georgia. Received a land grant.
Call, James - Born: 19 July 1759 Pownalboruough, Dresden Maine District, Massachusetts Died: 1825 in Dresden, Maine - A Private in Captain John Blunt's Company, Major William Lithgow's detachment; Service from 27 September 1779 to 10 November 1779, 1 mo. 15 days, defending frontiers of Lincoln County.
Call, Joseph - Born: About 1742 Died: After 1820 in Perry Township, Geauga County, Ohio - A Private in Captain John Benjamin's Company of Militia under the command of Colonel Joseph Marsh; On a roll of men who scouted from Woodstock in 1777; A Private in Captain Jesse Stafford's Company of Militia; Watched Prisoners for the towns of Harford, Lebanon, Hartford & Woodstock; Guarded the Committee of Safety Of Widsor and Guarded Colonel Stone on his trip to Springfield.
Camp, John - More research is required.
Cannon, Isaac - More research is required.
Carpenter, Elihu - Born: 18 December 1752 at Rehoboth, Massachusetts Died: 5 July 1826 at Rehoboth, Massachusetts - Corporal, Captain Nathaniel Carpenter's and Capt. Isaac Burr's Company which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 8 days; also, Captain Carpenter's Company. Colonel Simeon Cary's Regiment, General John Fellows's Brigade; On the list of men stationed at New York and White Plains for 5 months, dismissed 1 December 1776; Quartermaster Sergeant, Captain Nathaniel Carpenter's Company. Colonel John Hathaway's (Bristol County) Regiment, Brigadeer George Godfrey's Brigade; service, 24 days from 21 April 1777, at Tiverton, Rhode Island strengthening the garrison; also. Sergeant, Captain Carpenter's Company. Colonel Josiah Whitney's Regiment; service from 13 May 1777, to 5 July 1777, 1 mo. 25 days, including travel from Point Judith, South Kingston, Rhode Island to Rehoboth.
Caton, Charles - Born: 20 August 1733 Prince Georges County, Maryland Died: Before November 1815 Rowan County North Carolina - A Private in Lieutenant Deakins Company, Colonel Magruder's Regiment of Upper Batt; Took Oath of Fidelity & Support.
Chaplin, Jonathan - More research is required.

Chapman, Jedediah III - Born: 1741 at East Haddam, Hartford County, Connecticut Died: 22 May 1813 at Geneva, Ontario County, New York - Chaplain in Colonel Ephraim Martin's Regiment, General Nathianiel Heard's New Jersey Brigade.

Chipman, John - More research is required.
Chittenden, Jared - More research is required.
Choate, Joseph - More research is required.
Church, Jonathan - More research is required.
Church, Jonathan - More research is required.
Church, Timothy - Born: 12 May 1736 South Hadley, Massachusetts Died: 13 November 1823 Brattleboro, Vermont - A Lieutenant, Captain and Lieutenant Colonel in Vermont.
Clark, Caleb - More research is required.
Clark, Josiah - More research is required.
Clark, Timothy - More research is required.
Cleveland, Henry - Born: 11 May 1746 in Mansfield, Windham County, Connecticut Died: 6 January 1841 Dalton Berkshire County, Massachusetts; Private, Capt. John Strong's Company. Colonel John Brown's (Berkshire County.) Regiment; Enlisted 6 September 1777; discharged 2 October 1777; service, 26 days, with Northern Army.
Clinkscales, William - Born: 10 January 1760 Charles County, Maryland Died: 11 September 1845 Carroll County, Missouri; A Soldier in the Continental Army.
Coburn, Jonathan - More research is required.
Coffin, Tristam - Born: 30 April 1762 Gloucester Massachusetts Died: 9 March 1852 at Gloucester Massachusetts - Future Applicants must prove correct service.
Colton, John Sr. - Born: 21 February 1729 at Springfield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Died: 25 January 1813 at West Fairlee, Orange County, Vermont - A Private in Lieutenant David Burt's and Lieutenant Jonathan Hale's Company, which marched April 21, 1775, in response to the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Brookfield ; service, 3 days.
Condiff, John - More research is required.
Conrey, John - Born: 22 April 1760 at Monmouth County, New Jersey Died: 12 September 1834 at Edgar County, Illinois - A Private in Captain Edwin Meek's Company, Colonel Malcom's New York Regiment in 1776; Enlisted in May 1777 and served 6 months in Captain Benjamin Steven's Company of Rangers and was in a skirmish with the Tories; Enlisted in February 1778 and served 12 months in Captain Richard Sackett's Company, Colonel Graham's New York Regiment.
Cooper, Frederick - More research is required.
Cooper, Thomas - Born: 1738 Died: 15 May 1813 Grand Isle, Grand Isle County, Vermont - A Scout for Major Ebenezer Woods 1778; A Private in Captain Samuel S. Savage's Company of Militia in the 3rd Vermont Regiment commanded by Colonel Ebenezer Woods and marched in scouts and alarms by the order of Colonel Woods.
Cornett, William - Born: about 1762 Died: 26 November 1836 in Perry County, Kentucky - Enlisted in 1779 and served as a Private in Captain Anthony Winston's Company, Colonel Skipps' Virginia Regiment; Enlisted again in 1780 and served 6 months as a Private in Captain Sanunders' Company, Colonel Patterson's Virginia Regiment.
Cowles, Noah - More research is required.

Crafts, Edward - Born: 12 Oct 1746 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Died: 11 Apr 1806 at Middlesex, Yates County, New York - Captain of a Company in Colonel Richard Gridley's Artillery Regiment.; A Captain in Col. Henry's Knox's Artillery Regiment.

Edward Crafts, Dr. - Born: 1752 Died: 1821 buried in New Haven, Connecticut - A Soldier & Surgeon.
Craghead, George - More research is required.
Crawford, William - More research is required.
Crow, Abraham - Born: About 1747 in Pennsylvania Died: 8 October 1844 in Columbiana County, Ohio - A Private in the Middlesex County, New Jersey Militia.
Cummings, Ebenezer - Born: 21 September 1749 at Topsfield, Massachusetts Died: 4 June 1821 at Burlington, Massachussets - A Private in Captain Joshua Walker's Massachusetts Company.