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2015 Fort Boise Chapter Fall Luncheon Meeting

The Fort Boise Chapter met at the Riverside Hotel in Boise at 12:00 Noon on 19 Sept 2015. There were 53 members and guests in attendance.

The Color Guard commanded by Nathan Pyles Posted the Colors to open the program. Past President Paul Calverley led the attendees in reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance".

President Randy Bailey called the meeting to order and led the members in reciting the Pledge to the SAR. Chaplain Rev. Gene Hill then delivered the Invocation.

Our National Trustee, Dr. Gary Pettett, presented a flag steamer to Color Guard Commander Nathan Pyles in recognition of the Idaho Society being awarded the Howard F. Horne Jr., award at the National Convention in June.

Dr. Phillip Pettett then presented Col. Chuck James, USAF, Ret. with the Commendation Medal awarded to him at the National Convention by the National Society, SAR.

Intermountain District Vice President General John Robinson administered the oath to our newest members. (from left to right - President Randy Bailey, Vice President General John Robinson, New Members Matthew Brechwald, J. Gary Post, J. Gregory Post, Richard Peryer, and Allan McKenney) Also sworn in later by Intermountain District Vice President General John Robinson was new member Bruce Mattare.

Past President Paul Calverley presented Col. Chuck James, USAF, Ret. with the Liberty Medal for sponsoring 10 new members in the fiscal year of 1 June 2014 to 30 May 2015.

President Randy Bailey presented New Member Helper Frank Huntley with an Oak Leaf Cluster to be worn on his Liberty Medal. Frank also sponsored 10 new members during the past fiscal year.

Military Service Medal awarded to J. Gary Post.

President Randy Bailey presented Cadet Garan Wilson of the University of Idaho with the $1000.00 Homer Deal ROTC Scholorship.

Idaho Society, Children of the American Revolution President Benji Kim told us of the CAR activities in the State of Idaho.

Members of the David Thompson Society, CAR then presented a skit about a young man's experience during the Siege of Boston and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

Vice President General John Robinson told us of his experiences and the happenings within the Intermountain District, SAR.

General Washington and his wife, Martha, as portrayed by Bill and Clara Elder, gave us a vidid account of the life they lived after the Revolutionary War. Bill and Clara are exceptional individuals dedicated to doing what they can to honor the memory of General Washington and his wife.

President Randy Bailey then led us in the Recessional, Chaplain Rev. Gene Hill gave the Benediction and the meeting was adjourned.

Idaho Society/Fort Boise Chapter Biennial Officer Installation Luncheon Banquet

The Idaho Society and the Fort Boise Chapter met at the Riverside Hotel in Boise at 12:00 Noon on 16 May 2015. There were about 40 members and guests in attendance.

Thom and Faye Juul greet Compatriot Jim Hinkouse on his arrival.


The meeting was called to order followed by the flag salute, SAR pledge and invocation presented by Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawrence. Honored guests Lt Col, USA (Ret) Joe Harris, Vice President General of SAR Intermountain District; Dr. Phillip Pettett, Idaho Society Trustee; Officer Steve Walker, Middleton PD; and Fireman Victor Islas, Middleton FD were introduced. There were no DAR members present due to conflicts with our meeting date.

The meeting was called to order by President Paul Calverley

Dr. Philip Pettett reported on the happenings at the National Congress.

LtCol Chuck James, USAF, (Ret) with wife Marilyn seated to his right gave the Secretary/Treasurer and the Registrar's Reports.

V-P General Joe Harris, accompanied by his wife Gayle, called Compatriot Chuck James forward to explain the latter’s contribution to the George Washington Endowment Fund. His contribution lead the Idaho Society to winning the Howard F. Horne Jr., award. The award was to be presented at the National Congress in July 2015.

Registrar Chuck James presents Thom Juul with his Certificate of Membership.

Thom Juul was also awarded the SAR War Service Medal with Vietnam Bar.

Vice President Randy Bailey presented the Law Enforcement Commendation to Officer Steve Walker of the Middleton Police Department and the Fire Safety Commendation to Fireman Victor Islas of the Middleton Fire Department.

Vice President General LtCol Joe Harris, USA (Ret) spoke on the "Perspectives of the Future of the Sons of the American Revolution". He also presented the attendees with the pamphlet "The American Flag - History and Etiquette.

Compatriot LtCol Chuck James, USA, (Ret) was presented with a cake celebrating his 90th Birthday.
"Happy Birthday Chuck. May you have many more".

President Calverley then opened the floor for nominations for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Registrar, Historian, and Chaplain of the Fort Boise Chapter and the Idaho Society, SAR.

The following nominations were made and seconded:
President: Compatriot Randy Bailey
Vice President: Compatriot Rev. Eugene C. Hill, III
Secretary/Treasurer: Compatriot Thom Juul
Registrar: Compatriot Robert C. Seal
Historian: No Nominations
Chaplain: Compatriot Rev. Eugene C. Hill, III

President Calverley then called for a voice vote on the above nominees. All were elected unanimously to a two year term.

LtCol Joe E. Harris, USA (Ret) Vice President General, Intermountain District administered the oath of office to (from left to right) Compatriot Randy Bailey, President Elect, Compatriot Rev. Eugene Hill, Vice President Elect and Chaplain Elect, Compatriot Thom Juul, Secretary/Treasurer Elect, Compatriot Bob Seal, Registrar Elect and Dr. Philip Pettett, the Idaho Society, SAR trustee to the National Cogress.

Vice President General LtCol Joe Harris then passed the gavel to President Randy Bailey who relieved Past President Paul Calverley of his duties.

President Randy Bailey presented Paul Calverley with the President Appreciation Award

The "Recessional" was then recited and the meeting was adjourned.

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