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2013 Events

Second Organizational Meeting Held.

On November 4, 2013 the second organizational meeting was held at Calvary Baptist Church located at 785 N. First Street in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The meeting started at 8:00 pm. The meeting was lead by Ed McClure.

Members Present: Paul Humrickhouse, Eric Smith, David Harris, Ed McClure, Tom Newman ( who is waiting for his papers). Guest John and Mary Ranck from Boise.

The first order of business was getting the letter of Application for Charter prepared. The counties to be included in the letter are Bonneville, and Madison counties. The headquarters for the new chapter will be in Idaho Falls, Idaho in Bonneville county.

The second order of business was naming the chapter more than a dozen names were given. Each name was discussed given the good points and the bad points of each name. Upon the first vote Colter, Snake River, and Teton were the three choices. Again a discussion was given on each of the names. The final vote was for Teton as this is the most recogonized name in our area. After the name was adopted and placed in the letter of application Mr. Ranck offered to deliver the letter to the B.O.M. in Boise.

The third order of business was electing officer for the new chapter. It was decided that a president, vice president-treasurer, Secretary-historian-chaplain would be voted on for a period of six months so the chapter could learn more about the offices and functions. David Harris was voted President, Paul Humrickhouse was voted the Vice President-Treasurer, Ed McClure was voted as the Historian-Secretary-Chaplain.

After the formal meeting Mary Ranck talked about how the D.A.R. works with the S.A.R. and some of the programs that the D.A.R. does in the Boise area. John Ranck talked about his role.

Ed McClure
Historian Idaho Society S.A.R.

First Organizational Meeting Held.

Paul Humrickhouse, Eric Smith, David Harris, and Eddie McClure
Met at the Idaho Falls Public Library at 2:00 pm on 13 September to discuss starting a chapter in
Idaho Falls.

Compatriot Ed McClure lead in prayer from the SAR Handbook with pledge to the United States
flag and the SAR pledge. Mr. McClure then told a brief history of the SAR in Idaho and of the Eagle Rock
Chapter. There followed a discussion on what was expected of a chapter, officers of a chapter, and general question and answer period.

The question was raised if we should start a chapter in Idaho Falls. Eric Smith moved that we should start a chapter and seconded by Mr. Harris. All present voted to begin the process of starting a chapter here in Idaho Falls within the guidelines of the State and National Headquarters. Mr. McClure will act a go between the Idaho Falls group and BOM of Idaho.

It was then moved by Mr. Smith and seconded by Mr. Humrickhouse that we meet again November 4 with the object that each member bring in two proposed names to be voted on for the chapter. Mr. Harris will act as contact person for the members.

Eric Smith acted as spokes person for his father and brother who expressed their feelings of approval to start a chapter. Mr. Joe Harris expressed his feelings of being part of the new chapter.

Between now and November 4th Compatriot McClure will contact the BOM board for guidelines to offically starting the new chapter.

Respectfully Submitted by
Eddie E. McClure
Historian Idaho Society SAR.

Fort Boise Chapter Fall Luncheon Meeting

The Fort Boise Chapter, Idaho Society, SAR held its fall luncheon meeting on 21 September 2013 at the Riverside Hotel in Boise, Idaho with President Paul Calverley presiding. LtCol. Blaine Wales, USA, was the guest speaker. LtCol Wales is the professor of military science for the Army ROTC program at the Boise State University. There were 32 members and guests in attendance.

Fire Safety Award Presented to Michelle Ryerson (right) by President Paul Calverley (left) and James Stone (center)

Our first ever R.O.T.C. Scholarship is presented to R.O.T.C. Cadet Ryan Fabrizius by President Calverley and past presdent James Wellman

Jack Carter (left) receives his Membership Certificate and Rosette from Idaho Society, SAR Registrar, LtCol Charles James, USAF (ret.)

Swearing-in of new officers by Lt. Col. Joe E. Harris Jr. US Army (Ret), Vice President General, Intermountain District (Left to Right: Lt. Col. Joe E. Harris Jr. US Army (Ret), Secretary/Treasurer James E. Stone, President Paul H. Calverley, Registrar Lt. Col. Charles M. James USAF (Ret) and Chaplain Rev. Dr. Ralph A. Lawrence)

The Idaho Society, SAR and Fort Boise Chapter, SAR's annual Installation of Officers Banquet was held at 12:00 noon on 18 May, 2013 in the Gallery Room of the Owyhee Plaza Hotel in Boise, Idaho with 30 SAR members, their families and guests attending.

The new Constitution and Bylaws (posted here) were adopted as presented by President Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawrence and Secretery/Treasurer Lt. Col. Charles M. James, USAF (Ret).

Officers were elected for the two-year term of 1 June 2013 through 31 May 2015 as follows:

President Paul H. Calverley
Vice President John L. Ranck
Secretary/Treasurer James E. Stone
Registrar Lt. Col. Charles M. James, USAF (Ret)
Historian Eddie E. McClure

Lt. Col. Charles M. James Awarded the Intermountain District Meritorious Service Medal

Joe Harris presenting the District Meritorious Service Medal to Lt. Col. Charles M. James, USAF (Ret), Secretary/Treasurer, Idaho Society. The citation reads:

“For continuous outstanding service to the ideals of the Intermountain District by serving as the Idaho Society secretary/treasurer. Through his dedicated efforts in providing outstanding administration, Compatriot/Secretary/Treasurer “Chuck James” has truly distinguished himself during the period 2010-2013. Such support has greatly enhanced the image of the SAR within the District. He professional approach and assistance provided to the Sons of the American Revolution clearly reflects outstanding credit upon himself, the Idaho Society, the Intermountain District and the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.”
Intermountain District Vice-President General
Joe E. Harris, Jr.
May 18, 2013

Police Officer Brad Ford from Nampa received the award as law enforcement officer of the year and was visibly very pleased. His mother, father, and grandmother came from Ohio. His wife and 3 children and three other young family members were also at the award presentation.

Longevity certificates where presented to James Stone for 15 years, Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawrence for 20 years and James Wellman for 25 years. Edward Wellman and John Wellman were presented 5 year certificates to be presented to them by their father, James Wellman.

Rev. Dr. Ralph Lawrence recieved a Presidents certificate and Past presidents pin for his past two years of service.

Lt. Col. Charles M. James, USAF (Ret) gave a financial report and brought the membership up to speed on the work of the registrar and new member helper.

Justin Senecal is Awarded the 2013 Silver R.O.T.C. Medal

Idaho Society, SAR Historian, Eddie E. McClure presents the Silver R.O.T.C. Medal to Cadet Justin Senecal at the Idaho State University R.O.T.C. Award Ceremony on 4 May, 2013.

Cadet Justin Senecal with his Silver R.O.T.C. Medal (left) and Eddie E. McClure (right)
Justin will be going into the U.S. Army after graduation.

Cadet Charles Mann is Awarded the Silver R.O.T.C. Medal

Leslie E. Huntley presents the Silver R.O.T.C. Medal to Cadet Charles Mann at the University of Idaho R.O.T.C. Award Ceremony on 1 May, 2013.

Idaho Society, SAR Vice President Paul Calverley presented the Silver R.O.T.C. Medal to Cadet Alissa White at the Boise State University R.O.T.C. Award Ceremony on 9 May, 2013

Idaho Society, SAR Vice President Paul Calverley presented the Junior R.O.T.C. Award to Cadet Grayson Cole at Borah High School in Boise on 3 May, 2013

Idaho Society, SAR Historian, Eddie E. McClure is Guest Speaker

The monthly meeting of the Old Fort Hall Chapter of the DAR was held in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The meeting was well attended with about 20 DAR members in attendance.

Mr. McClure spoke to the audience about the history of the Idaho Society, SAR in general and about the history of the Eagle Rock and Old Fort Hall Chapters in Idaho Falls and Pocatello in particular. He also asked for help in locating the now inactive Eagle Rock Chapter's records as well as help in finding new members for the Idaho Society, SAR.

You may read the full text of his speech here.

The Idaho Society, SAR Annual Meeting

The Idaho Society, SAR met at 12 Noon on 23 February, 2013 at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel in Boise, Idaho for the George Washington Birthday Banquet with Ralph Lawrence, the President of the Idaho Society, SAR and the Fort Boise Chapter, presiding over the meeting. The Guest Speaker was Admiral Archie Clemins, U.S. Navy (ret.). Twenty four SAR members, their families and guests and DAR members attended.

Retired Admiral Clemins gave a fine talk.

Vice President Paul Calverley made the presentation of Awards and Medals.

Justin Smith of Chubbuck was to receive the Idaho Society, SAR Eagle Scout Certificate but bad weather prohibited the family from traveling to Boise.

Compatriot Charles M. James received the SAR Distinguished Service Medal for his work as Secretary, Treasurer, and Registrar of the Idaho Society, SAR.

Compatriot Francis L. Huntley received the SAR Meritorious Service Medal for his work as New Member Helper and Webmaster of Mr. Huntley was not able to attend and his Medal was mailed to him.

Compatriot James Stone received a Certificate of Appreciation for his portrayal as colonial citizen during the time of the American Revolution for Museum Comes to Life for several years. He promoted SAR at these annual events in Boise.

Compatriot Ned Barker received a Purple Heart pin. Mr. Barker was unable to attend and his pin was mailed to him. During his distinguished career, Compatriot Barker was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star with Combat V and the Purple Heart during the Vietnam War.

Compatriot Richard Watson received the War Service Medal for his service in a combat zone in WWII and Korea. He served as an aircrew member gunner in Naval aircraft.

Compatriots Ron Allex, Bruce Booker, and William Bonner received Military Service Medals in recognition of their Military Service.

The meeting closed with the reciting of the Recessional:

"Until we meet again, let us remember our obligations to our forefathers, who gave us our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Independent Supreme Court, and a Nation of Free Men and Women."

You may view the Program of the Meeting here.

2012 Events

Idaho Society SAR at the "Museum Comes to Life"

For their second year, Ft. Boise Chapter Patriots James Stone and James Wellman participated in the Idaho State Historical Society's "Museum Comes to Life" in Boise, Idaho, September 29th. This event features people who reenact various periods in history and how things were made and done in those times.

During the event attended by hundreds, Stone and Wellman talked with people about the Sons of the American Revolution and demonstrated Colonial era lighting devices and period items for carrying gear and merchandise.

They were joined in the Colonial reenactment by members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Idaho Colonial Society. (Thank you James Stone for submitting this article).

James Stone describes how American Revolutionary War soldiers and civilians illuminated their homes.
(Photographer Susan Stone)

Idaho Society SAR Past President James A. Wellman enumerates items included in a soldiers rations during the American Revolution. (Photographer James Stone)

Fort Boise Chapter Membership Meeting

The Fort Boise Chapter held a Membership Meeting on 22 September, 2012 at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel in Boise, Idaho. Certificates and medals were presented to some of the twelve members who saw service in the armed forces - that is, to those four who were awarded the War Service Medal and three awarded the Military Service Medal who were in attendance. On 24 September, Secretary Charles James mailed medals and certificates to those who weren't at the meeting. A total of 28 members and wives attended the meeting. If you would like to share photos of this meeting, please email them to Frank Huntley.

This photo was taken on 19 May 2012 at our Fort Boise Chapter meeting. The individuals, left to right are: Terry Shepard (Boise Ben), Joe E. Harris Jr (Intermountain Vice President General and former Executive Director NSSAR), and James A. Wellman (Past President and member Idaho Society). Boise Ben attends various affairs and reenactments in the Boise area including fairly frequent attendance at our SAR meetings.

The Idaho Society, SAR presented the following awards during 2012:

Fire Safety Commendation Award to Captain Jerry McAdams, Boise Fire Department
Silver R.O.T.C. Award to Cadet Tyler King, Idaho State University
Silver R.O.T.C. Award to Cadet Scott Campbell, University of Idaho
Silver R.O.T.C. Award to Cadet Tiffany McDowell, Boise State University
Bronze R.O.T.C. Award to Cadet David Snap

The following 5 members were awarded the War Service Medal and Certificate at the September Fort Boise Chapter meeting.

Emmet B. Herndon
U. S. Army Air Corps. WWII Combat. Navigator on B-24 Bombers. Awarded 3 Air Medals.

John L. Ranck
Naval Air, USS Yorktown, Korean Combat

LtCol Charles M. James (Ret.)
U. S. Army Air Corps and USAF. Pilot. Combat Vietnam. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross and 9 Air Medals.

Capt Ned M. Barker (Ret.)
US Army Artillery. Combat Vietnam. Awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster w/ V for Valor, and Purple Heart.

S/Sgt Francis L. Huntley (Ret.) not present
US Marine Corps Aviation Ordnance. Combat Vietnam.

The following 7 members were awarded the Military Service Medal and Certificate at the September Fort Boise Chapter meeting.

Robert C. Carter not present
U. S. Navy. Atlantic Fourth Fleet.

John C. Freeman not present
U. S. Army. Army of Occupation Austria.

Major Ronald C. Jennings (Ret.)
US Army Engineers.

Dean W. Johnson not present
U. S. Army Armored Rifle Battalion.

Leroy A. Jones
US Army Artillery.

Joseph V. Keyser not present
U. S. Air Force and Reserve.

David L. St. John
US Army Armored Cavalry.

(from left to right) Charles M. James, David L. St. John (in rear), Emmet R. Herndon, Leroy A. Jones (in rear),
John L. Ranck, Ronald C. Jennings, & Ned M. Barker

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